Discovery Clip Art Gallery By Mark A. Hicks

The Discovery
Clip Art Gallery
Please Note: Discovery is currently reorganizing the educational portal so the Clip Art Gallery is currently unavailable. I'll update links and information as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your patience!
Discovery Clip Art by Mark A. Hicks

Originally created way back in 1999, the Discovery Clip Art Gallery features thousands of  pieces of my artwork that teachers, schools and, nonprofits can download for free use.

The World Wide Web was still young when the artwork was originally created. Back then computers and modems were painfully slow and storage capacity and applications were quite limited. To make the art available to as many users as possible all the images were posted as small raster .gif's and .jpg's. Hopefully someday all the art in the Gallery will be updated with vector images. But in the meantime there are still many pieces of art that still work great for many projects in the classroom or at home.

If you have questions about the artwork, need a high-resolution version of an image or need to ask permission to use a particular piece of art for commercial or other for-profit use contact me here.

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